[XML-SIG] IPC7 results

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
15 Nov 1998 23:03:54 +0100

* A. M. Kuchling
| 	* Two critical issues for version 1.0 of the XML package are
| namespaces and Unicode. 

I'm not so sure that we need to worry about namespaces. From what I
hear enthusiasm about them in the W3C is waning, nor does there seem
to be all that much enthusiasm among implementors.

| Namespace support will probably be added as an extension to SAX and
| the DOM interface; we'll have to discuss what this should look like.

The trouble is that it will be very hard (if at all possible) to do
this without doing damage to backwards compatibility. 

In other words, we should wait and see what happens with SAX and DOM
and then follow up on it. I think we can go ahead and do 1.0 without

Other than that everything looked good to me. I'll take a look at the
wstring module you mentioned. 

--Lars M. (who wishes he could have been there...)