[XML-SIG] Support for Validating Parsers

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
17 Nov 1998 18:52:24 +0100

* Sean Mc Grath
| 1) Run NSGMLS with os.system or os.open() and pick up the ESIS.
| This can serve as input to PyDOM. (Has anyone done a SAX driver
| for ESIS yet? If no, then I will offer to write one. ((
| Dublin->Chicago->Houston should be plenty of flight time
| for this!)).
I have one that can read ESIS from files, SP and SP -wxml, but it
can't handle error messages properly on Win32. I think the problem is
caused by SP doing something strange to emulate stderr on Win32 where
this doesn't exist at all.

Once I can handle the error messages I will include this in the saxlib
driver package. So far I've thought of these possible avenues on

 - redirect error msgs to a temporary file with the -f option, ignore
   the file and delete it afterwards

 - redirect error msgs to a temporary file with the -f option and check
   it between events for new errors

 - some secret ritual involving dead bats, black candles and a Bill
   Gates doll

If anyone has any better ideas or has any details about the SP C++
source I'd be glad to know about them. Also, if people are impatient I
can release it as it is.

--Lars M.