[XML-SIG] ParserFilter proposal

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
18 Nov 1998 09:51:34 +0100

(Pardon the last email. It turns out that not only C-c C-c, but also
C-c C-s sends emails in Gnus. That is, it did. I turned it off now.)

* Geir Ove Gronmo
| It this how its done in Java by John Cowan? 

No, it's not. I've separated the filter and the DocumentHandler, while
he has the filter implement DocumentHandler, Locator, AttributeList
and the other handlers. I'm not sure I really like that approach.

He also lacks the factory stuff I did, but has at least settled on a
policy with the other handlers.

See: <URL:http://www.ccil.org/~cowan/XML/ParserFilter.java>

Should we align ourselves with his proposal? It's not turned into a
standard, whether de facto (OK, Simon St.Laurent uses it) or de jure.

* Lars Marius Garshol
| And, Geir Ove, what do you think? Could xmlarch be fitted into this as
| a ParserFilter?
* Geir Ove Gronmo
| xmlarch could definately be fitted into a ParserFilter.

That's a good sign, at least. :)
| The next release of xmlarch is probably going to be independent of
| SAX.  I've been thinking of removing the direct connection to SAX,
| and instead make it a more general module. Wrappers/plugins could
| then be written for SAX (both DocumentHandler and ParserFilter), DOM
| and other kinds of input.

This reminds me: the Java people have made a DOM walker that fires SAX
events, called DOMParser. Is this something we want?

--Lars M.