[XML-SIG] Patches to adr_parse.py and bookmark.py

Mark Hammond MHammond@skippinet.com.au
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 09:55:47 +1100

> 	Thanks, Lars!  Patches applied, and they also inspired me to
> go and fix ns_parse.py and lynx_parse.py accordingly.  (I'm not sure
> what to do for msie_parse.py; anyone want to contribute the right
> Windows incantation to find the user's bookmark file?)

I could do this, but it will require the "win32api" module (for the
registry functions).  It is almost getting to the time where win32api
should be released by Guido!

If it is acceptable to have this dependency, then I will be happy to
make the change!  (It could obviously be done such that if "import
win32api" fails, we revert to the existing behaviour!)