[XML-SIG] <url> checked and response attributes

Marc van Grootel bwaumg@urc.tue.nl
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 02:12:57 +0200

> Marc van Grootel writes:
>  > I suggested them in the very beginning because I thought they
>  > would be useful (not because it is tracked by MSIE - maybe it does
>  > but, does it?).
>   I think I sent my message before finishing my response on this.
>   As far as I can tell, it does not.  But that doesn't mean MSIE
> doesn't stash the information somewhere; I could only find the
> individual files that represent each bookmark.  The only information
> was the title (encoded as the file name, sheesh!)

yep all '/' ':' and probably others are translated to '_' so you lose
information.  Maybe for MSIE translations we can just add data (such
as the 'real' title) tot the url shortcut file, it's an .ini file and
I tried adding something which didn't cause any problems.

>, the URL, and the
> modification time (in some undetermined format).

anyone crack that yet?

>  We might want to drop the attributes from <url>
> and create a <metadata> profile for it.

fine with me. 

You use the term profile. From what I read about Web collections it
seems this is a very loose term. Looking for an XML way of defining a
profile I would say Architectural Forms are an other (standardized)
answer to the same question. But even then the validation of data
values is very limited in SGML and very very limited in XML.

What about the date/time attributes: follow the w3c NOTE about Date
and Time Formats? (ex. 1998-09-29T18:30:34-05:00)

Marc van Grootel