[XML-SIG] Latest CVS checkins

A.M. Kuchling akuchlin@cnri.reston.va.us
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 22:50:10 -0400

As of Tuesday evening, I've checked in some more changes to the DOM
implementation; NodeLists and NamedNodeMaps should now be live, the
way they're supposed to be.  The complicated special case of
.getElementsByTagName(), mentioned in my earlier message, has not been
fixed.  The latest pyexpat.c has been added.  I've tried to check in
pyexpat.dll and sgmlop.dll in binary mode; please let me know if
they're now OK.

Also, a .dump() method has been added to the Node class for debugging
purposes, which prints an indented tree of the repr() of each node.
If someone can suggest a better name for the method, I'll change it;
otherwise, it'll stay as .dump().  Sample output:

<core.Document instance at 80e5148>
 <Element 'html'>
  <Element 'body'>
   <Text node 'Body text goes here'>
  <Element 'ending'>
  <Element 'title'>
   <Text node 'Title goes here'>

Useful for figuring out what's going on...

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