[XML-SIG] Useless fun thing for XML - comments or helpers?

Mark Hammond MHammond@skippinet.com.au
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 14:58:37 +1000

For no good reason at all, I am toying with the idea of the following little
mini-project.  If you dont use MSWindows, and/or dont use MSIE, then read no

MSIE has the concept of "Favorites" (Bookmarks in Netscape speak) built in
at the Operating System level.  It is really quite trivial - a special
folder (directory) called "Favorites" exists, and this is filled with normal
Windows95 "shortcuts".  If this folder contains sub-folders, then these are
shown as sub-menus on the favorites menu.

It has bothered me for a while that this makes it quite hard to "publish"
(or even archive) the Favourites.

So my idea for a mini project is:
* Python code can locate and traverse this "favorites" directory.  It can
use the Windows "shortcuts" API to determine the underlying URL, and other
attributes (such as the time the link was last updated, etc).
* The above code can generate XML - the attributes for each shortcut can
appear in the XML.
* Code can be written to format the XML into pretty HTML, so people could
publish their favorites, as seemed to be common a while ago
* Later code could be written to parse an existing XML file, and update the
favorites themselves.  This would allow me to send my favorites to someone
else, and have them imported locally, for example.

As I said, a fairly useless little tool, but does appear to me to be a
reasonable starting point to get me going with XML (and at the same time
beef up Python's Win95 shell integration features :-)  The main benefit is
some direct XML experience.

Anyone care to help with this?  Im happy to do all the Windows specific
stuff, but the XML stuff will no doubt cause me to struggle somewhat...Two
minds are better than 1, even if they are both clueless :-)