[XML-SIG] a small question

Chris Olds colds@nwlink.com
Sun, 06 Sep 1998 12:06:07 -0700

This is legal unless it is in the internal subset, i.e. the part of the
DTD in the document instance.  In the document instance, parameter
entities can only appear where an entity, element or attribute list
declaration can appear, and must yield a complete declaration.

As for why xmlproc, I haven't tried it on this yet (a complete document
example and an explanation of what you mean by not processing properly
would help).

Michael Sobolev wrote:
> Is this declaration is valid?
>     <!ENTITY % lang.params "lang   CDATA #REQUIRED">
>     <!ELEMENT comment (#PCDATA)>
>     <!ATTLIST comment
>         %lang.params;>
> If no, what exactly is incorrect?  If yes, why xmlproc does not process
> it properly? :)