[XML-SIG] HUMOR: oos.org - "Our Own Standards"...

Markus Fleck fleck@informatik.uni-bonn.de
Tue, 08 Sep 1998 22:47:32 +0200


For all those who are tired of reading (and implementing) overly
complicated standards documents, you might enjoy having a quick
look at


the "Our Own Standards" organization :-), who have just published
their LML ("Lightweight Markup Language") specification, v1.1.
Their rule is "KEIS",  "Keep It Even Simpler".

The cool thing is that LML is HTML backwards-compatible and
can be displayed by any of the more popular WWW browsers...

OOS.ORG is offering Basic Membership for US$2.500 per
year (you won't be allowed to make suggestions, and may
not take part in the decision-making process, though :-),
and Full Membership at US$25.000 per year (note: special
offer for first 200 applicants only).

If you send them a nice anecdote "about why you dislike all those
new standards" to <mailto:info@oss.org>, you may also qualify for
their "Oppressed Engineer Support Plan".

Have fun. :-)


PS: Please CC any anecdotes... :-)

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