[XML-SIG] (fwd) WebDAV extensions to urllib/httplib?

Steven Heaney heaney@mail.cambridge.scr.slb.com
11 Sep 98 15:01:28 +0100

On Mon, Aug 31, 1998 10:06 am, Greg Stein <mailto:gstein@lyra.org> wrote:
>Andrew M. Kuchling wrote:
>> "Steven Heaney" writes:
>> >Can anybody point me to some software to kick-start development of
>> >a client library for interacting with a 'WebDAV' server?  Specifically,
>> >I have in mind a forms-based interface to the Netscape Web Publisher
>> >functionality.
>>         I don't know of anyone who's started on implementing bits of
>> WebDAV in Python, but most of the pieces--httplib.py, XML parsing--are
>> probably already in place, and you'd only have to glue them together.
>> (This is gathered from a cursory glance at the WebDAV draft, so take
>> it with a grain of salt.)
>I'd be interested in following your work on this, as I had planned to
>start a similar library in about a month. I'll happily consult on info
>for a while, and take a more direct role later.

Andrew, Greg,

Thanks for the input.

Right now, I'm going to follow the line of least resistance which is 
to use JPython to access the Java client library provided by Netscape 
to communicate with their Web Publishing server.

I'm pretty sure this does not conform with the current draft of the 
standard or, of course, provide the basis for a 'standard' Python 
module, but it fits my purposes at the moment.  I simply need to 
create some wrappers (for convenience) to the Java classes provided 
and I'm up and running.

It's also introduced me to JPython, which is one of those 'wow' things 
you come across occasionally.



Steven Heaney