[XML-SIG] xmlproc: Version 0.52 released!

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 10:42:37 +0200 (MET DST)

I've just released version 0.52 of xmlproc. The main improvements are:

 - Major speed increase for well-formedness parsing (parse down from 50 
   seconds to 30 seconds on my benchmark suite), and definite improvements
   for validating parsing as well.
 - Error reporting improved. Better error messages, and support for error 
   messages in different languages.
 - xvcmd.py option interpretation improved (-l and -o options added)
 - Numerous minor parse bug fixes
 - Some API extensions:
   - CatalogManager.get_public_ids() method added
   - DTD.get_elements() method added
   - Parser.set_error_language() method added
   - optional bufsize argument added to Parser.parse_resource()

Because of the speed increase all xmlproc users are recommended to upgrade
to the new version. xmlproc is now nearly twice as fast as xmllib when not
validating and when validating it is also faster unless the DTD is very
large compared to the document.

The error reporting improvement means that you can now get error messages
in Norwegian and English. If anyone wants to add support for more languages
they are encouraged to do so. The error messages are in the errors.py file.
There is an API for plugging in new languages, but this is still prototypical
and so is not documented yet. 

The API extensions were made because someone (Michael Sobolev, thanks 
Michael) requested them. If you have any wishes in that direction, please 
let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

I'm thinking of adding a list of other programs that use xmlproc to the
xmlproc home page. If anyone knows of such a program please email me so I
can add it.

--Lars M.