[XML-SIG] DOM: backward compatibility

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
21 Sep 1998 22:30:21 +0200

* Andrew M. Kuchling
| How important is backwards compatibility with the current DOM code?
I'd say that conforming to the final DOM recommendation must have
priority over backwards compatibility. 

Those to whom backward compatibility is very important can just keep
using the old version anyway.

| I'm not sure how much existing DOM code is out there that will be
| broken by incompatible changes, because I'm not sure if people were
| seriously using it or not.

I'm using it, both for personal conversion scripts (the XML tools
list, for example) and PyPointers, but I've known right from the start
that I would have to update my code to follow later DOM releases. In
other words: no complaints from me.

--Lars M.