Marc van Grootel bwaumg@urc.tue.nl
Fri, 25 Sep 1998 22:05:34 +0200


I've got a couple of comments on the latest XBEL DTD.

The folder element still had a reference to an 'info' element which
didn't exist anymore. However I would vote for leaving 'info' in as a
container for the appdata and metadata. This makes it easier to skip
the whole block of info at once.

Here's some stuff that could go into the beginning of the DTD.

  <!ENTITY lt "&#38;#60;">
  <!ENTITY gt "&#62;">
  <!ENTITY amp "&#38;#38;">
  <!ENTITY apos "&#39;">
  <!ENTITY quot "&#34;">

What other entities should be included? Or should everything be
encoded with &# references.

  <!ENTITY % SPAMCANS 'bookmark|folder|url|alias|separator'>

I would like to suggest the following content models:

  xbel     (title?,info?,desc?,(&SPAMCANS;)*
  folder   (title?,info?,desc?,(&SPAMCANS;)*
  bookmark (url,info?,desc?)

It's not clear to me why there's only one metadata element
allowed. How will metadata be used and how should one choose between
metadata and appdata? I would guess that appdata is kinda private to a
certain app. And metadata is data that one would like to share with
other apps (public) like a list of keywords. If there's only one
metadata element should new metadata stuff be appended to it's
contents. I believe a minimal XML structure even for metadata is
better then just declaring it #PCDATA. 

Marc van Grootel