Sean Mc Grath digitome@iol.ie
Sat, 26 Sep 1998 10:20:21 +0100

[Marc van Grootel]
>Here's some stuff that could go into the beginning of the DTD.
>  <!ENTITY lt "&#38;#60;">
>  <!ENTITY gt "&#62;">
>  <!ENTITY amp "&#38;#38;">
>  <!ENTITY apos "&#39;">
>  <!ENTITY quot "&#34;">
These are built-in in to all conforming XML parsers. There is no need to
declare them.

>I would like to suggest the following content models:
>  xbel     (title?,info?,desc?,(&SPAMCANS;)*
>  folder   (title?,info?,desc?,(&SPAMCANS;)*
>  bookmark (url,info?,desc?)

This needs to be %SPAMCANS; (A parameter entity rather than a general
entity reference.


Sean Mc Grath

def Get_URI_Of_Superlative_Scripting_Language():
	return "http://www.python.org"