[XML-SIG] <url> checked and response attributes

Marc van Grootel bwaumg@urc.tue.nl
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 18:48:45 +0200

>   I seem to recall that the "checked" and "response" attributes of the 
> <url> element were added to XBEL to support stuff that's tracked by

I suggested them in the very beginning because I thought they
would be useful (not because it is tracked by MSIE - maybe it does
but, does it?).
>  Could someone please clarify the purpose of these attributes
> for me?  My current understanding is that "checked" should store the
> time when the browser last attempted to access the resource,
> regardless of success.  Is the "response" attribute expected to store
> the HTTP response code?  

That was the idea.

> The code and the message?  Or something else?
> How is it handled for resources not accessed via HTTP (omitted,
> perhaps?)?

Didn't think of that. 

Attributes for storing the status of a link is still a good idea
but I didn't give the choice of attributes for supporting it
much thought.

>   I'm planning to send Andrew the public text of the DTD shortly for
> updating the repository, but would like some clarification on these
> attributes before that.
>   The DTD will be assigned the public identifier:
> 	-//IDN python.org//DTD XML Bookmark Exchange Language 1.0//EN
>   I'll start working on the documentation this weekend.
>   -Fred

BTW what about the contents of the scheme and  language attributes? I
don't know the Dublin Core but I understand you got it from there?
Could you give an example of an info element?

Marc van Grootel