[XML-SIG] xml.dom.writer doesn't work anymore

Jeff.Johnson@icn.siemens.com Jeff.Johnson@icn.siemens.com
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 13:22:27 -0400

The following line:

          self.file.write(re.sub('\n+', '\n', s))

was removed from:
class OutputStream:
     def write(self, s):
          #print 'write', `s`
          self.file.write(re.sub('\n+', '\n', s))
          if s and s[-1] == '\n':
               self.new_line = 1
               self.new_line = 0

I figure it was removed to get rid of the re.sub() but not the self.file.write()
 itself :)

Currently, HtmlWriter and XmlWriter just create 0 byte files...

This is from the XML 0.5.1 zip file...