[XML-SIG] T-shirts

Andrew M. Kuchling akuchlin@cnri.reston.va.us
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 11:50:29 -0400 (EDT)

Sean Mc Grath writes:
>	"Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs" (Nicklaus Wirth)
>	"Python + XML = Programs" (Andrew Kuchling)

	Problem: I never said that.  :) 

	That does spark a thought, though; poking through the
Python-quotes file, "PYTHON = (P)rogrammers (Y)earning (T)o
(H)omestead (O)ur (N)oosphere." from one of your old .sigs is pretty
good, though not XML-specific.  The two XML-related quotes from Paul
Prescod aren't really suitable and they're too long for T-shirts,

	Here's an idea derived from the XML/SGML use of the word
"element".  (I vaguely recall someone proposing this at IPC7; anyone
remember who?)  The design looks like a corner of the periodic table
of the elements.  The columns, instead of being titled "Group III", "Group
VIII", etc. are labeled with various DTDs and standards; the elements
in each column are then various element names from that DTD.  In the
middle is a large 2x2 square with a big red "Py" in it; below it we
might put regular-sized boxes with "Jv", "Pl", "Tcl", in them.  
Something like:

XML	HTML			MathML	...
---	----	----
Dtd	Em	|Py	    |	Cn
                |	    |
Wfc	H1	+           +	Fn 
                |	    |
Pi	Cite	+-----------+	Eq
...		Jv	Pl


We can argue about *which* DTDs and element names later...  If the
design is 8 inches wide, then each column is 1.6 inches wide, which is
hopefully large enough to make it readable.  That's important; for
example, the IBM shirt isn't really readable because the design is
only about 10 cm across; those FSF shirts that include the whole
preamble to the GPL on the back suffer from the same illegibility.

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