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Sat, 17 Apr 1999 08:25:42 -0600

> Am I right that there is a semi-offical, portably implemented SAX API for
> Python but
> there is no such beast for the DOM? 

SAX is mostly portably implemented because of LMG's work on the drivers.

> * Is it reasonable to unify a subset of their interfaces?

This does make sense.  The first question would be philisohical: should such a 
unified interface stick closely to the W3C's IDL, or should it be more 
faithful to Python (i.e. returning PyLists instead of NodeList objects).  This 
is the main difference between the two Python DOM implementation.  We could 
build an adapter accordingly (most of the work is already don with 
DOM.Ext.NodeList2PyList, etc), but I'd like to hear people's opinions first.

> * Could 4XSL be written to use that interface so that it would work with
> both DOM implementations or do performance issues make that impossible?

If such an interface was agreed upon, it would make sense to write 4DOM 
accordingly.  I've already had to port LMG's xll module to 4DOM, and even 
though the differences are subtle, porting can still be a bit of a chore.  A 
standard interface would help.

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