[XML-SIG] Literate XML?

Stuart Hungerford stuart.hungerford@webone.com.au
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 23:00:44 +1000

Hi all,

Even though (as I keep repeating to myself) "a markup
language is not a programming language", I believe there
are issues that affect XML content creators as much as 

Over time, a large body of folklore, rules, heuristics has
been developed for making programs "readable". This
covers issues like choice of names, layout, indenting,
comment styles and content etc. etc.

Can anyone tell me if there is a similar body of experience
for markup languages--particularly XML? 

I understand that a lot of XML may be automatically 
generated and processed, but for the rest of the time,
does anyone have any experiences on making XML
text readable?

<!-- I could do comments and indenting like this -->
    There is no spoon...

    Or like this (I realize white space is significant here)
<world-view>It's the smell...</world-view>

    To say nothing of attributes, entities and laying out a DTD
    Any advice?