[XML-SIG] ANN: Minidom 0.6

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 03:55:42 -0700

I posted a general commentary along with a few items in my big email
note. I'll just wrap up with a few extra items here:

Paul Prescod wrote:
> Attached is a minature, lightweight subset of the DOM with a few
> extensions for namespace handling. (I guess an extended subset is a
> contradiction in terms but you get the idea!)
> I propose that
>  * this become part of the xml package

This would be fine, but I do not believe it is okay to include minidom
to the exclusion of qp_xml (or a similar model).

>  *  we consider the DOM-creation functions and namespaces extensions for
> adoption in a standard Python DOM API

Agreed, although the model your propose may need some work, per my other

>  * DOM-haters try this out and clearly describe where it falls down in
> their applications

The DOM model itself is hard to work with. This follows the same

>  * we try to figure out the right set of convenience functions to make the
> DOM more palatable for everybody (if possible).

The convenience functions are simply mechanism to avoid the inherent
complexity. The convenience functions will also reduce the speed
benefits that we are trying to achieve. If you don't reduce complexity
or increase speed, they why go this route?


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