Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 03:59:04 -0700

Paul Prescod wrote:
> If we take out parent and sibling pointers, I see know reason that a DOM
> implementation should be more than a few percent slower than qp_xml. In

Building it will be about the same. Accessing it will be slower and

> Size of interface:
> Minidom has 3 builder methods (building from strings, files and filenames)
> and 6 runtime classes -- only one of which is even mildly complex (again,
> because of namespace handling) If you are handling simple documents
> without PIs and comments  then you only need to deal with three classes:
> document, element and text. In other words the interface that most people
> will use is rather small.

Clients will still need to learn and understand the interface (to then
discover they only need a subset). The presence of the other classes
adds complexity to the situation.

> convenience:
> We can add convenience functions that allow people with different

No additional comments here :-)


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