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Sun, 25 Apr 1999 09:50:21 -0600

> >         I haven't really formed an opinion about the Minidom module.
> > On the one hand, I don't like adding an interface that resembles
> > another interface; too many similar choices can be confusing.  (But if
> > PyDOM is upward-compatible with Minidom, that may not be a problem.)
> I certainly intend for minidom to be a subset of PyDOM and 4DOM. Any
> extensions I made should be interpreted as suggestions for extensions to
> PyDOM and 4DOM.

And we are watching with great unterest.  4DOM already has "DOMFromString", 
"DOMFromURL", and "DOMFromFile" equivalents, although we call them "FromXML" 
and "FromHTML", "From*MLURL ", and "From*MLFile".  We also have 
"FromXMLStream" and "FromHTMLStream".  These functions are all in DOM.Ext.

These helper functions are provided since 4DOM 0.7.1, and so is supported by 
all the versions that come with 4XSL.

> >         (I do like the convenience functions like DOMFromString;
> > something similar should definitely be added, perhaps to dom.utils.)
> Why not in "dom" itself? I don't see them as utilities but as the
> fundamental, commonly used entry points to DOM functionality.

Agreed, but I don't expect this in the near future from the beleaguered DOM WG.

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