[XML-SIG] Python DOM Unification -- level

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 15:27:53 -0500

Following are some meta-questions on the proposed Python DOM unification.

First, what is the appropriate level of unification? 

 * Module level:

if sys.argv[1]=="fast":
    from xml import minidom
    dom = minidom
else if sys.argv[1]=="complete":
    from xml import dom
else if sys.argv[1]=="distributed":
    from 4thought import dom

 * Builder level:

if sys.argv[1]=="4thought":
    from 4thought.dom import sax_builder()
   from xml.dom import sax_builder()

xml.dom.FromXML( sax_builder() )

 * Document level:

if sys.argv[1]=="4thought":


My preference is for "Builder level", I think. Portable helper functions
could go into a universal xml.dom package instead of into each package.

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