[XML-SIG] problem processing XML files

Lars Marius Garshol lmariusg@ifi.uio.no
31 Aug 1999 21:04:16 +0200

* Konrad Hinsen
| Fortunately nsgmls is more tolerant; it lets me specify the filename
| in a catalog entry and continues parsing after reporting the error.
| I wish other parsers would do the same, at least optionally.

xmlproc supports catalog files, both SGML Open ones and XCatalog
ones. You need to specify both pubid and sysid, but if xmlproc can
resolve the former it will use it.

xmlproc will also continue after errors, but will not pass data to the
application anymore. (This is required by the XML recommendation.)
However, this is optional, and you can change it with the
set_data_after_wf_error method.


--Lars M.