[XML-SIG] Newbie question

Dan.Zimmer@icn.siemens.com Dan.Zimmer@icn.siemens.com
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 15:24:39 -0500

Hello all, I am relatively new to python so don't laugh at me too much...
I inherited 2 PCs with python already installed, but the programs that I am
running, actually reside on a server.  I am attempting to install and
run the software on 2 more PCs for back-up purposes.  I noticed that I
had to add the python directory to the PATH before I could it would find
the executable, and I can now run some basic python programs.

Now I find that the program is crashing with an attribute error when the
__getattr_ is called for wdDoNotSaveChanges. (__init__.py)
(One of the systems I inherited already had this problem as well)

I know there is something simplistic that I am just overlooking, and its
starting to drive me nuts, so any helpful hints would be much appreciated.