[XML-SIG] Escaping text in DOM

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Sat, 18 Dec 1999 11:44:43 -0800 (PST)

On Sat, 18 Dec 1999, Christian Scholz wrote:
> I now have a problem with german umlauts. If these are included in
> a test string the actual DOM implementation does not escape it and
> when I escape it by hand (ü) I get an escaped & (getting
> ü). 

I think you need to examine full UTF-8 encoding, rather than escaping
specific characters. You can't escape only an umlaut and not escape

The other alternative would be to explicitly specify the encoding of the
request/response. An umlaut shouldn't be in the request unless the
encoding allowed for that.

[ encoding as in: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="whatever"?> ]

Have you seen my davlib.py, for the client side, yet?


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