[XML-SIG] Future plans

uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 09:04:41 -0700

> uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com wrote:

> > > * Requires that 4Suite base be added to XML-SIG distribution
> > >   (But the only dependency, at least in the DOM, seems to be on
> > >   Ft.Lib.TraceOut.)
> > =

> > Yes, it's only TraceOut.  We were considering a tool for stripping Tr=
> > calls in cases where the millisecond of performance was a concern, bu=
t haven't
> > done so.  An obvious solution is to remove the trace statements, alth=
ough I'll
> > sorely miss them while debugging.  We could also leave them in and st=
rip them
> > before packaging, or we could move Lib.Traceout into Dom.Ext.
> =

> AFAIK the canonical pythonic way would be
> =

> try:
>     from Ft.Lib import TraceOut
> except:
>     from fake_ft_lib import TraceOut

Well, if Traceout is moved to, say xml.dom.ext, we can just use that =

throughout 4DOM.  To be sure, I'd like to see TraceOut or something like =
it in =

the standard Python library.  It is _really_ nice for debugging to be abl=
e to =

turn tracing on and off at the command line by manipulating environment =

variables, and we've used the TIMER option as a cheap profiler when the =

official Python profiler was giving dodgy results.

-- =

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