[XML-SIG] XML-newbie says hello

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Tue, 09 Feb 1999 14:38:44 -0800

Just van Rossum wrote:
> ...
> Is this list appropriate for questions about using the XML
> implementation(s) this sig has put forth?


> I'll start off with two off-topic questions...
> Together with a bunch of people from my field we will try to design a DTD
> (or set of DTDs) for a complex kind of specialized data. Most of us have no
> experience with designing DTDs.
> - Would any of you kind souls be willing to tell me which of the books
> advertized on the sigs homepage (or other books non-advertized) covers
> DTD-design in a comprehensible way? (I own "XML - A Primer", and that's a
> nice XML introduction if you come from HTML, but is rather useless if you
> need to invent DTDs...)

See http://www.schema.net/. Right on the front page, there is a list of
three books that should be appropriate.

> - What would be an appropriate forum for discussions about DTD design?

This forum has seen a number of DTD design discussions. It looks like
schema.net has a mailing list, but I'm not sure what topics ared
covered. You may want to peruse schema.net, also... there may be a DTD
for you already (or one that is close).


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