[XML-SIG] Getting a slice from a NodeList?

Michael Sanborn michael@graphion.com
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 13:53:12 -0800

This is probably really basic, but I'm not understanding an error

What I'm trying to do is to alter an attribute from the first two
members of a NodeList (called "wott_list") returned by
getElementsByTagName. But I don't seem to be able to get a slice of it.
The innermost part of the error message is:

  File "fed.py", line 155, in startElement
    for i in wott_list[0:2]:
  File "C:\Program Files\Python\Lib\UserList.py", line 22, in
    userlist = self.__class__()
TypeError: not enough arguments; expected 4, got 1

What expected 4 arguments? __class__()?

I'm using Python 1.5.2b1 and 0.5 of the XML package on Win95.

Michael Sanborn
Graphion Typesetting