[XML-SIG] Big Bug? (was:Pretty-printing DOM trees)

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
22 Jan 1999 14:30:09 +0100

* Christian Tismer
| The XML file is well-formed, so there must be a bug in the dom
| builder.  When I let builder.py ignore the assertion error and avoid
| popping the tree, it works!

The assertion in question is one that compares the element type name
of an end tag to the name of the current element. Looks rather
strange, since xmlproc (which you apparently use) maintains its own
element stack and checks this internally.
Unless xmlproc swallows an event somewhere somehow, the error is
probably in the DOM. Running saxdemo.py and XMLTest.java to get two
canonized versions of the document should show conclusively whether
the problem is xmlproc or the DOM.

--Lars M.