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I meant to CC the XML SIG mailing list in this message, but forgot

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I think that XML-RPC would almost certainly be a cool thing to 
support in Zope, and Zope would be a cool server for XML RPC. 
IMO, the right way to do it would be to add support for it to 

XML-RPC (http://www.scripting.com/frontier5/xml/code/rpc.html)
uses POST requests with content type "text/xml".  
(Does anyone but me think that this content type is a bit
too broad?) It would be straightforward for ZPublisher to 
recognize this case and:

 - Add the method supplied in the body to 
   the request path, 

 - Get method parameters (positionally)
   from the body.
I'm in favor of this but doubt that anyone here at DC
will have time to do this for some time.  I'd gladly
accept patches though, and would be willing to discuss
details with anyone working on such patches. ;)
In fact,  if anyone does work on this, I'd prefer to 
discuss it with them before they get too far.


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