[XML-SIG] SAX prettyprinter V2 and SGMLOP

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 12:48:10 +0100

>BTW - is sgmlop deprecated?
>It still has some flaws, like not allowing "_" in tagnames.
>Is Fredrik no longer supporting it, or what is the current
>preferred fast parser for all platforms?

the XML session on the Houston conference decided
to lobby for sgmlop to be included in a future Python
release.  don't know if anyone is actually doing some-
thing about that, though...

sgmlop was intentionally designed to have a very efficient
Python interface, be small enough to ship with the standard
distribution without anyone noticing, and to be compatible
with both sgmllib and xmllib. it's currently somewhat sloppy
(that is, you can use it to parse most xml data, but you
shouldn't use it to verify that your xml writing code creates
perfectly portable xml).  one big problem with it s that it's
being ignored by the sgmllib and xmllib maintainers, so keeping
things in sync is pretty hard.

on the other hand, looks like people don't care about back-
wards compatibility any more.  xmllib in 1.5.2b1 silently broke
ALL our existing XML code (including xmlrpclib).  I'm seriously
considering to just ignore the standard stuff, and stick to our
proprietary XML hacks in future applications...

patches to sgmlop.c are still welcome, though.

Cheers /F