[XML-SIG] Re: xmlproc, SAX and EntityResolver

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
24 Jan 1999 23:35:36 +0100

* uche ogbuji
| Oh yeah.  I actually fixed this for xml-0.4, but it was so long ago
| that I forgot.  I recently discovered that I had the wrong sym-link,
| and I've been using xml-0.4 instead of xml-0.5, even after
| installing the latter.  So when I fixed the link and started using
| xml-0.5, my patch to report the external DTD subset wasn't there.
| Duh!

Ah, that explains it. 
| Unfortunately, on preliminary testing it doesn't appear to work.
| I'll work on an isolated test case and get back to you.

Arh! I'm getting confused by all the different versions here. Sorry,
you need this in xmlproc.py as well to have it call that method (just
replace the existing method with this, hopefully this does not depend
on other changes):

    def parse_doctype(self):
	"Parses the document type declaration."

	if self.seen_doctype:
	if self.seen_root:

	if self.now_at("["):
	elif not self.now_at(">"):

        # External subset must be parsed _after_ the internal one
	if pub_id!=None or sys_id!=None: # Was there an external id at all?
	self.seen_doctype=1 # Has to be at the end to avoid block trouble

| It looks as if 0.60 will be very helpful to me when it's released.

Hopefully it will be to a lot of people. And after I decided to delay
DDML support (the standard previously known as XSchema) and DTD
caching to 0.61 what remains is mainly upgrading the regression test,
documentation, running test etc  

Just the mechanics of getting out a new version.
| The only thing I'd mention is that discussion of SAX 2.0 on XML-DEV
| appears to be going at a pretty deliberate pace (a good thing!), and
| so 2.0 might be a ways off.

It may, yes. I guess it all depends on David Megginson and how much
time he can devote to this. If the discussion turns out to take too
long we'll just have to put out a SAX 1.1 in the meantime.

--Lars M.