[XML-SIG] Content Syndication

Dan Libby danda@netscape.com
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 20:27:06 -0700

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> just to get this off my chest-
> <item>
> <title>...</title>
> <description>...</description>
> </item>
> with optional <link url="...">...</link> throughout is my idea of the core
> of the item declaration.
> <title> is optional, and just denotes emphasis.

So I'm not understanding something here.  Is there supposed to be other text
besides the link?  Otherwise, you just end up with a bunch of links and no plain
text.  Or are you saying that link should be allowed as sub-elements of title
and description?  It seems like this may be  harder to parse, and it potentially
makes it less useful as metadata.

This brings up the issue of what the purpose of the format is.  RSS was
originally intended to be a metadata format.  ie: Information about other
sites.  ScriptingNews (and the above description) tend to indicate a desire for
more of a publishing/syndication approach, where the format *is* the content,
not just a description of it.  It's a fine line, and I'm not sure what the right
answer is.

> * publication date - to allow sorting, cutoff, etc


> * expiration date - so that content providers can limit how long an item
> shows for

per channel, or per item?

> * content categorisation (with url to describe category or categorisation
> system?) - provider-defined categories


Also for categorisation:
location code  (postal?  regional?)

> Finally, and probably most important, one of the big problems right now is
> that every standard (RSS, ScriptingNews, MoreOverNews, etc) is owned by
> somebody. While external poeple may be consulted, decisions are still made
> behind closed doors. As a result, not everyone will be willing to use the
> final result, no matter how well-designed.


> I think it would be a good idea to set up a syndication mailing list (on
> findmail or whatever), so that everyone can meet on neutral ground, and set
> some goals, work out the issues and define deliverables in public. Anybody
> else thing this is a good idea?

I think it is a fine idea.


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