[XML-SIG] PyDOM and wxTreeView

Sean McGrath sean@digitome.com
Tue, 06 Jul 1999 16:41:36 +0100

At 06:57 06/07/99 -0800, you wrote:
>	Has anyone written a Python TreeView on top of
>	Maybe wxTreeView?

Not DOM but here is a basic one for wxWindows that uses pyExpat.

Build a GUI Tree (wxWindows) from an XML file using pyExpat

import sys,string
from xml.parsers import pyexpat

from wxPython.wx import *

class MyFrame(wxFrame):
	def __init__(self, parent, id, title):
		wxFrame.__init__(self, parent, id, title, wxPoint(100, 100), wxSize(160,
		menu = wxMenu()
		menu.Append (1001,"Open")
		menu.Append (1002,"Close")
		menu.Append (1003,"Exit")
		menubar = wxMenuBar()
		menubar.Append (menu,"File")

class MyApp(wxApp):
	def OnInit(self):
		self.frame = MyFrame(NULL, -1, "Tree View of XML")
		self.tree = wx.wxTreeCtrl (self.frame, -1)
		EVT_MENU(self, 1001, self.OnOpen)
		EVT_MENU(self, 1002, self.OnClose)
		EVT_MENU(self, 1003, self.OnExit)
		return true

	def OnOpen(self,event):
		f = wxFileDialog(self.frame,"Select a file",".","","*.xml",wxOPEN)
		if f.ShowModal() == wxID_OK:
			LoadTree (f.GetPath())
	def OnClose(self,event):
		self.tree = wx.wxTreeCtrl (self.frame, -1)
	def OnExit(self,event):

	def OnCloseWindow(self, event):

NodeStack = []

# Define a handler for start element events
def StartElement( name, attrs ):
	global NodeStack
	NodeStack.append (app.tree.AppendItem (NodeStack[-1],name))

def EndElement( name ):
	global NodeStack
	NodeStack = NodeStack[:-1]

def CharacterData ( data ):
	global NodeStack
	if string.strip(data):
		app.tree.AppendItem (NodeStack[-1],data)

def LoadTree (f):
	print f
	# Create a parser
	Parser = pyexpat.ParserCreate()

	# Tell the parser what the start element handler is
	Parser.StartElementHandler = StartElement
	Parser.EndElementHandler = EndElement
	Parser.CharacterDataHandler = CharacterData

	# Parse the XML File
	ParserStatus = Parser.Parse( open(f,'r').read(), 1)
	if ParserStatus == 0:
		print "oops!"
		raise SystemExit

app = MyApp(0)
NodeStack = [app.tree.AddRoot ("Root")]

raise SystemExit

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