[XML-SIG] More on XML / Python dependencies

wask@mcc.com wask@mcc.com
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 13:01:45 -0500

Lars --

You wrote:

> You can use the Python libraries with JPython. (Well, most of them.)
> See step 3 on <URL: http://www.jpython.org/download.html for a
> description of how.

Looks like I'm guilty of the old adage: "When all else fails, read the

> Fred, I don't understand this question at all. What do you mean by
> decoupling XML from Python? After all, it is 100% independent of
> Python, and all we're doing is making software for working with it
> inside Python.

I guess I'm splitting hairs. Perhaps "bundle" would be more accurate than
"couple". My point is that in order to use the XML package with JPython, I

	1.) install JPython (java JPython11beta2)
	2.) install the XML package (unzip xml-0_5_1.tgz)
	3.) install the necessary Python libraries (jpython -jar pylib152b.jar)

Why go through step 3? Why not simply *bundle* those libraries with JPython?

I'm off of my soap box. Have a good weekend.

--- Fred