[XML-SIG] Re: RSS and stuff

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
07 Jun 1999 08:06:56 +0200

* Dan Libby
| I'm not sure what you mean here.  Why wasn't it a problem?  Probably
| because people were using SGML to transfer "documents", rather than
| "data", and possibly because the publishers were always trusted?

Both reasons applied, yes. Most SGML applications were in-house, and
so employees were usually trusted not to play dirty tricks, although
one did want to check for mistakes.
* Lars Marius Garshol
| Ouch, no. <contact-email>, perhaps. Dublin Core doesn't mandate the
| syntax of DC element contents, but using the email address here
| doesn't feel very right.

* Dan Libby
| Well, if used correctly in an RDF context, <dc:creator> would just
| be an arc-label that refers to a node that represents you.  That
| node would have other arc-labels named eg: email-address, first
| name, last name, country, etc.

In an RDF context it would be different, but I fear you're giving up
on RSS being easy to author, support and understand then. And I still
don't really like that way of reusing the semantics of the Dublin Core
creator element.
| Errg.  xmlproc.  (XMLValParserFactory.make_parser()).  I've been
| talking to Jose, our i18n guy, and it sounds like Python is not
| internally UTF-8 compliant, but he isn't concerned for some
| reason...

Well, xmlproc should parse UTF-8 files just fine at the moment, as
long as you don't use characters above 127 in names, name tokens or
character references. Your application can then view the strings it
gets from xmlproc as byte arrays and simply do its own Unicode
handling to whatever extent is needed.
(You can even handle character references yourself by overriding a
method in xmlproc and passing UTF-8-encoded characters to the

--Lars M.