[XML-SIG] While we're on the subject of xmlproc, DTDs and validation ...

Jim Fulton jim@digicool.com
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 11:27:42 +0000

"Thomas B. Passin" wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote
> > ..Allow applications to provide DTDs for documents that don't
>     have them (e.g. xml-rpc marchals).
> Yes, I think this can be very useful.  But if you reverse-engineer a DTD from any existing document, there is no unique solution.

That's not what I'm thinking of.  My application might require data that follows a DTD, 
but I might not require incoming data to include the DTD (or even a reference to it).

There are XML formats (e.g. XML-RPC) around that are precisely defined, but not 
with a DTD. I can come up with a DTD for them and validate conforming data that, 
of course, doesn't include or reference a DTD.

Also, by separating DTD parsing from validation, there could be a way
of using schema data in other formats (e.g. RSS schema?), as long as 
the other formats could be parsed into the same data structures that 
DTD's get parsed to.


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