[XML-SIG] ann: new sgmlop snapshot

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
21 Jun 1999 15:08:42 +0200

* Jeff Rush
| Is this the same sgmlop as in the XML-SIG CVS? 

That one is dated 03.Dec.98, so I very much doubt it. AMK probably
hasn't had the time to add it in yet.

| Have your most recent changes gotten into the CVS or should I add
| your tarball to my RPM explicitly in order to stay up-to-date re
| sgmlop?

I suppose that depends on whether you want your RPMs to reflect the
latest XML-SIG package or the latest released software. Perhaps the
best is if you get write access to the CVS and can help make things so
that the RPM can actually be both at the same time.

--Lars M.