[XML-SIG] Trouble report #2 for XML beta source distribution

Jeff Stearns jps@warpspeed.net
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 17:02:02 -0800

Folks -

I'm reporting trouble with the XML beta source distribution from

I'm trying to run the various demos and test suites.  They generally fail on
my NT box.

One problem is that most of the imports fail because they use Python package
syntax, and I think that the distribution is missing some files needed for
packages to work.

For example, I think that the collection should include a file
which contains the single line
__all__ = ['saxexts', 'saxlib', 'saxutils']

Likewise, there should be an __init__.py file for the dom subdirectory.
Other directories may be affected; I haven't gotten that far.

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