[XML-SIG] News.com - Sun, Adobe offer bounty for XSL

Fred L. Drake Fred L. Drake, Jr." <fdrake@acm.org
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 11:04:26 -0500 (EST)

Andrew M. Kuchling writes:
 > Hey, kids! Time to fire up JPython and get going on the second prize,
 > by writing an XSL implementation..
 >      The second set of prizes, funded in part by Adobe, will provide a
 >      $40,000 first prize and a $20,000 second prize for a print-oriented
 >      batch formatter written in Sun's Java programming language and that
 >      supports Adobe's portable document format (PDF). The batch

  Nice try, but no cigar!  It says *written* in Java, not just "100%
Pure Java".  There's a real difference there!


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