[XML-SIG] Python, XML and XSL

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 22:54:13 -0700

Mike Olson wrote:
> >>e.register(p,ProcessChapterTitles)
> >>e.applyPattern(node)
> would call ProcessChapterTitles with node as a context node, if node matches
> the pattern p

That's neat stuff. It will really help me to "sell" XML as a replacement
for expensive tools like Balise and Omnimark. The last thing we needed was
a DOM-compatible pattern-based visitor.

> We are interested the Sun's XSL Bounty (as I am sure most are).  Moving the
> python to Java would be pretty straightforward work.  However we are looking
> for someone to team up with on the formatting object side of XSL.

Just so you know, the bounty is almost entirely about the formatting
object side. There are a plethora of transformation-side implementations
for Java (too many, thanks for doing a Python one!). Sun is trying to
kick-start the formatting side. The media support was pretty vague because
Sun hasn't worked out and published the details yet.
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