[XML-SIG] DTD for recipes

Walter Underwood wunder@infoseek.com
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 12:18:08 -0800

At 02:16 PM 3/15/99 -0500, Andrew M. Kuchling wrote:
>	Good suggestion.  Do you have any opinion about whether the
>metadata elements should be left as children of the 'recipe' element,
>as opposed to introducing a new mid-level element?

Either way, as long as they are near the beginning of the doc.
Things can get confusing if there is a <title> for the document
and also <title> elements in a bibliography.

>	Hmm... but Dublin Core doesn't seem to be extensible at all,
>and the primary problem is that someone may want to track suitability
>for diabetics, or degree-of-vegan-ness, and we can't think of all the
>possibilities ahead of time.  I'm not happy about requiring knowledge
>of RDF, but don't see another option.

We could also represent the entire ingredients list in RDF, but what 
would it buy? My suggestion is to use standard representations
for *common* metadata. Parts of the data model specific to recipies
probably should be represented with specific structure.

Now, it sure wouldn't hurt to put things in <subject> elements 
like "vegetarian", "vegan", "low-fat", "kosher-dairy", "cookies",
"kids cooking", etc. Off the top of my head, I'd start with the
Library of Congress categories under TX643 to TX840 (Cookery).

Of course, then someone will want to find wheat-free recipies or 
anything containing both chocolate and garlic, which is why we 
still have full-text search ...

Hmm, this is an interesting sample case for search, too. Maybe I can
use this to demonstrate the advanced XML support in our next release.


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