[XML-SIG] New DOM code checked in

Mark Hammond MHammond@skippinet.com.au
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 22:23:29 +1100

Andrew M. Kuchling writes on the xml-sig:
> Lars Marius Garshol writes:

> >I'm in a similar quandary. I'd very much like to add Unicode
> >to xmlproc, but to do that I need support in RE. Any feedback
on what
> >Guido thinks and what the others here think would be welcome.

The string-sig did pick up on this a while ago.  There has been a
long, protracted discussion there, and Guido has chimed in now
and then - even supporting a specific proposal for
implementation.  The basis of this is that there will be a
standard Unicode type which stores UCS-2 characters.  Python will
also define stream based decoders/encoders to go to and from the
new type - with one built-in encoder - UTF-8.  As mentioned,
Fredrik has begun implementation of this type, but the encoders
haven't really been tackled.  This UCS-2 decision would seem to
make Dieter's pcre work quite relevant too...

Ive been trying to drive this on the string-sig, primarily for
the Windows CE port.  The Windows CE platform is Unicode based,
and coming up with reasonable patches to the Python core really
depend on integrated Unicode support.

So I intend attempting to take the first steps towards Unicode
integration on Windows CE.  I'm trying to get agreement on
concepts on the string-sig, and hopefully a decent CE environment
would help towards acceptance for 1.6.

The whole point is this is really to recommend that new Unicode
experiments move towards Fredrik's implementation.  If you need
better encoders, then we could move towards the string-sig
proposal (possibly using Martin's work as a base), as it has
in-principle support from our benevolent dictator ;-)