[XML-SIG] Re: xml.dom.core bugfix

Carsten Oberscheid co@daisybytes.su.uunet.de
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 17:08:24 +0100

>>there was a little bug in xml.dom.core.replaceChild, in the 
>>"newChild == DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT" part. Hope the fix is ok...

Oops, sorry, the original mail wasn't intended to go to the list... changed
to another mail program, don't have it under control yet :-(

>	Thanks for the changes.  Could you show me the testcase that
>demonstrated why this is broken?  Your patch is:

I'll try to isolate it, the actual code won't be too helpful at the moment.

>The change to the _set_parentdict() call is correct; that's definitely
>a bug.  But I don't see why the self._node.children.append() call is
>required, because the L[i:i+1] should be adding the new children to
>the node; L has been set to self._node.children just above the patch

Yes, you are completely right, I just found this out myself. I was too fast
again, next time I'll look closer and test better BEFORE I post. 

There's-always-room-for-improvement-but-does-it-have-to-be-that-much-ly your's


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