[XML-SIG] XLink support from Python?

uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Wed, 12 May 1999 21:35:28 -0600

Uche Ogbuji:
> > [...]  Still, the basics that we have are enough to allow us
> > write/manipulate XML with basic "embed" and "replace" links.

Paul Prescod:
> <rant>
> The "embed" and "replace" junk in XLink is incredibly underspecified and I
> think that it is pretty dangerous to interpret them. For instance,
> according to what justification do you treat a link to an XML element
> differently from a link to a PDF document (or do you have a model that
> also allows those to be embedded). It seems to me that "embed", "replace"
> et. al. are behavioral junk for browsers -- no more, no less. You should
> treat an "embed" of an XML element as you would an embed of a JPEG  -- the
> XLink spec. does.

And I thought _I_ was always on the W3C's case!

But you do have a good point here, as you did with XSLT/XSLF.  We really just 
lifted the XLink terminology and format and invented whatever behavior seemed 
reasonable to us.

I did read your long missive on the topic to xlxp, xsl-list and XML-DEV.  I'll 
be curious to follow the debate.  I am familiar with the concept of 
transclusions from pute maths, but not in the SGML/XML context, so I am 
certainly curious.


Wot?  No </rant> close tag?  Tsk tsk.

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