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Fri, 21 May 1999 12:35:57 -0400 (EDT)

Lars Marius Garshol writes:
 > I'll post it the moment I complete it, provided I do complete it at
 > all.

  If you decide not to spend time on it, send a note to the list so
someone else can pick it up.

 > This is more or less my reaction as well, although I'm no fan of the
 > form the actual final Recommendation got, nor of the place it seems to
 > occupy in people's minds.

  Yes, the Rec was rather poor, both in the technical content and the

 > about it. Some splitting filter that sends different namespaces to
 > different handlers might help, but I feel the basic problem is that

  This is what I thought might be doable and possbly workable, but
its not entirely clear to me how to work with it still.  There's still 
a lot of setup required for the application to make things work

 > Sounds good to me, although I've already used the file name ezsax on
 > my own disk. However, what I really meant was that I thought this
 > should be a separate release, with its own home page, ZIP file and
 > version history.

  Hm.  I think it should exist within the "xml" Python package,
regardless of the external packaging.  I'm not sure how multiple
distributions should treat sharing of the Python package space.  I do
*not* like having a single module that uses different names based on
the separate or omnibus distributions.
  This is probably something the distutils-sig should deal with.

 > That's certainly an alternative, and it's by no means incompatible.
 > One reason I'd like it to be more than just something posted to the
 > list is that then it becomes easier to document it, refer to it and
 > also to discover it for new users.

  I was thinking of this as a temporary "do we really want this"
approach; post it after writing, and package it if people are actually 
interested in it.
  [Andrew: Are you the only person with write access to the CVS
repository?  It would be easier to add things for experimental periods 
if it was easier to add to the repository.  Whether this would be
useful depends on just what place you think the omnibus package has.]


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