Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
21 May 1999 20:50:52 +0200

* Fred L. Drake
| Hm.  I think it should exist within the "xml" Python package,
| regardless of the external packaging.  I'm not sure how multiple
| distributions should treat sharing of the Python package space.  I
| do *not* like having a single module that uses different names based
| on the separate or omnibus distributions.

That wouldn't happen in any case (just as it hasn't with saxlib and
xmlproc, both of which use the same whether inside or outside the
omnibus package).
| I was thinking of this as a temporary "do we really want this"
| approach; post it after writing, and package it if people are
| actually interested in it.

OK, I'll go ahead and do that. If I give up I'll notify the list.

--Lars M.