[XML-SIG] JPython / xmllib issue ????

wask@mcc.com wask@mcc.com
Fri, 21 May 1999 14:36:21 -0500


Because I don't know how to load the NT version of the XML 0.5.1 package, I
decided to "brute force it" and use xmllib - which is ok as I'm teaching
myself the basics.

However, I keep stumbling into a problem using xmllib from JPython, a
problem I don't see using Python. Particulars are noted below for those
interested. Is this a cockpit error or a JPython issue? Any help would be
most appreciated. [The carrot: I work for a research firm for several large
international corps. I'm trying to assess this technology's viability for
incorporation into a large project.]

Much thanks in advance,


***** The simple XML file (should look awfully familiar) *****

<?xml version="1.0"?>
   <COMIC TITLE="Sandman" NUMBER="62">
      <WRITER>Neil Gaman</WRITER>
      <PENCILLER PAGES="1-9, 18-24">Glyn Dillon</PENCILLER>
      <PENCILLER PAGES="10-17">Charles Vess</PENCILLER>

***** Code snippet *****

	testFile = open ('Comics.xml', 'rw')
except IOError, detail:
	print '***IO ERROR> ', detail

parser = xmllib.XMLParser ()
data = testFile.read()

***** The problem *****

None if running Python.

If running from a JPython script ---

	Traceback (innermost last):
		<snip my stuff>
		File "...\xmllib.py", line 149, in feed
		File "...\xmllib.py", line 240, in goahead
		File "...\xmllib.py", line 610, in parse_starttag
	IndexError: group 7 is undefined