Paul Chung Chee Soong HCSCCS@prudential.com.my
Wed, 26 May 1999 18:12:06

Hi. I'm Paul from Malaysia and very keen in Python. I know that you're   
the author of the current Python/XML HOWTO. Thanks very much for coming   
up for this invaluable information.

Now, let's discuss my problem. I have difficulty understanding certain   
part of the document. For example, I can't execute the "from xml.sax   
import saxlib, saxexts" coz I don't have the xml.sax module. But anyway,   
i manage to download those components separately. The earlier code become   
"import saxlib, saxexts". Did I solve the problem? FYI, I'm having Python   
1.52 final release.

Another problem that I came across is that in Section 3.1 Starting Out. I   
don't seem to run the example. This is what I do..

import saxexts
if __name__ = '__main__':
 parser = saxexts.make_parser('drv_xmllib') # 1
 dh = FindIssue ('Sandman', '62')           # 2
 parser.setDocumentHandler(dh)              # 3
 parser.parseFile('collection.xml')          # 4

Now, in the # 1, I got error when I followed your example. Therefore, I   
include a parameter (a driver)

Next in # 4, I got problem again. In your example, your parameter is a   
file. What is the 'file' represents? I thought it was a xml file but it   
isn't right??

I'll appreciate your advice in any format possible. Thanks a lot. Let's   
keep Python ALIVE!!

Sincerely, Paul